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Van Os is a modern freesia nursery in Honselersdijk (Westland - The Netherlands). The company of more than 30.000 m2, produces around 10 million freesias each year. The freesias of Van Os Freesia's are availeble in four colors: yellow, white, red and blue/purple. Quality is very important at Van Os Freesia's. Delivering the best quality of freesias is the primary objective of Van Os Freesias. We try to achieve this objective to pursue perfection on crop care, hygiene, level of harvesting and processing, etc. Everything is focused on the best possible end product.

Van Os Freesia's processes and prepares it's own bulbs. Also Van Os Freesia's owns a seperate greenhouse of 7000 m2 specially equipped for the reproduction of bulbs. As a result, Van Os Freesia's always has the best bulbs for the cultivation of freesias.

A freesia is a so-called cold crop cultivation. This means that the greenhouse temperature is the same as outside, unless it freezes. So for growing a bunch of freesias, there is very little gas needed. An additional advantage of a cold crop, is that the nuisance of insects is also very little, so less crop protection / pesticides are needed. So the freesia is by nature an environmentally friendly flower!

The soil temperature is very important for cultivating freesias. Therefor we need to cool the soil in the summer and heat it during the winter. Van Os Freesia's has a heat pump system with cold and heat storage under ground (through sources of 35m. deep). This way all the energy is efficiently used. Less energy, so better for the environment! Other environment-saving installations are a drainwater-disinfecter for reusing drainwater containing fertilizers and a heat storage tank, so the heat of the boiler is stored for the night, so the freesias can use the CO2 of the boiler during the day.

Van Os Freesia's is cultivating freesias using the latest technology, but in a traditional way. Good working conditions, care for nature, environment and society makes the freesias of Van Os Freesia's sustainable.

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